Photo: James Macari for Sports Illustrated

Paige Spiranac

"While I do work with Steven year round to stay in generally good shape for golf and the typical every day media I have, I really wanted to make sure I looked and felt my absolute best for SI. For 6 weeks I followed his diet guidelines, lifted heavy, and made sure to always do my cardio, and I ended up feeling so fit and strong which was exactly what I wanted for this super empowering shoot!"


"Hey guys! Figured I'd share my results.. Used to workout a lot but got out of shape at uni, been losing weight for a while and figured I'd try your plan. It worked great I went from 210 to 195 with a proper diet. I also got my max bench from 285 to 315, squat 295 to 315(I tore an acl skiing so thats as high as I go), military press 135 to 185, deadlift 350 to 385. Thanks a lot!"


"A month and a half later and I can definitely say that I saw results from the #6weekpeak! I was in such great shape before the holidays, and then just went totally off the rails. I think because I was in shape for so long I thought I could just eat whatever even not being as active, but that definitely wasn’t the case. In the end I lost 4.5lbs plus 1.5” from my waist, .75” from my thighs, and .5” from my hips!"


"I usually have a hard time getting myself into the gym with my busy work/travel schedule, but I was able to actually do the majority of the workouts and saw great results - in 6 weeks I lost 7lbs and gained a ton of strength. I was able to do all of the workouts in my apartment gym, and Steven was great in giving me modifications when I didn't have a certain piece of equipment."